Won’t give you a light

On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day the Belarus Red Cross together with thousands of citizens was fighting smoking.

An initiative group  «Peace is within us» of the project  «Community action for health» held a campaign «A day without tobacco» in Oshmyany, Grodno region.

— This way we wanted to make as many citizens as possible aware of the negative effect of smoking and help prevent them, – shared a volunteer and leader of the initiative group  Оksana Lukashevich. – We distributed booklets with useful information, and especially focused on conversations with pupils and students.


Volunteers of initiative group during the campaign in Oshmyany College

In Mogilev region anti-smoking campaigns were held in Gorky and Glusk.

An initiative group in Gorky «Novoshag» with support of the local Hygiene and Epidemiology centre held a campaign  «Smoking is injurious for health!».


Volunteers taking to citizens about negative health effects of smoking

Meanwhile volunteers of the initiative group  «Let’s start with ourselves» organized a campaign «Let’s exchange a cigarette for a sweet».


Due to efforts of the BRC volunteers from the more than 100 cigarettes were not smoked.

In Glusk volunteers of the BRC group «Candle» held a flesh-mob «Bike is better than cigarettes».

— We organized a flash-mob to spread the word to the local citizens about benefits of sport and to show the link between one’s lifestyle and health, – said volunteers.

Pupils together with teachers participated in the event. They went more than 25 km by bicycles across Glusk and the nearest villages.

In Brest volunteers of the local BRC branches  organized a campaign «Breathe freely» within a joint anti-smoking project at the Belarusian Railway.


Volunteers aiming to prevent smoking in prohibited places.

In Zhlobin, Gomel region, a campaign «Мy «light» choice» was organized. Volunteers were demonstrating  lungs of smokers and non-smokers to passers-by and then invited them  to support the anti-smoking message by throwing away a cigarette.


Campaigns were also held in Vitebsk region on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day.  The BRC initiative group «Everest» organized a campaign «It’s time to blow apart the smoke» in Polotsk state chemical-engineering college. In a friend-like competition   «Lucky», «Zdrivery» and «Beatles » teams met. After testing oneself in a quiz, and in the best “chant” competition, participants learnt some breathing exercises and point massage.


Team «Zdrivers» participating in chant competition


Team «Lucky » doing breath exercises


Team «Beatles» learning point massage


Music exercises

Volunteers of the initiative group «Rainbow» from Senno organized a bike ride en route   Senno – Lake Bogdanovskoye  named «Choose a bike instead of cigarette smoke»


Participants of the bike ride

— At first we had a round table meeting on the topic «Smoking is harmful for health» and then we started our bike ride. Besides, we played volleyball and darts and had a nice herbal tea. We had much fun. By our example we wanted to show others that life without bad habits is much more interesting and vivid, – Snezhana Metelitsa, leader of the initiative group, shared her impressions.

For you information, World No Tobacco Day is observed on May 31. It was declared in 1988 by World Health Organization (WHO). By clicking on the link you will find out four ways to quit smoking, shocking statistics and 12 pieces of advice how to start life without cigarette smoke.

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