Mothers with children and pregnant women from Bogushevsk gathered at the round table to discuss issues of healthy lifestyle

The initiative group “BABS – Be Active Beautiful Strong” created within the project frames “Community Action for Health” participated in the organization of the meeting with support of the Belarus and Swiss Societies of Red Cross.

The round table meeting was held in the local department of social adaptation and rehabilitation of the territorial center of social service of Senno Rayon, Vitebsk Oblast. The experts were physician of Rayon Hospital Yury Kozlov, social teacher of school #2 Vladimir Orlov and teacher of school #1 Maria Stepanets. Also to discuss the issues of family health, motherhood, parenting and the problems of social orphanhood, the organizers invited young mothers with children and pregnant women.

“It is very important that the residents of our village have the opportunity to meet, openly discuss pressing issues and receive expert advice”, mother Olga says. “I am pleased to participate with the family in the development of cycling and promotion of a healthy lifestyle, as well as supporting of other ideas of the initiative group “BABS” in Bogushevsk.

By the way, the meeting participants arrived on bicycles. At the end of the event children were invited to the fruit table and an entertainment program.



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