How to protect yourself from tick bites and to provide first aid: Grodno dwellers learned safety rules

Eighteen volunteers of the crew on response to emergencies and search of people of the BRC Grodno Oblast Organization demonstrated skills of first aid provision and search of people at the weekend in the forest area “Pyshki”.


Walkie-talkie sets which are used by volunteers to communicate during search events were of particular interest among children.

– The action took place in the rush-hour, so people literally were lining up to learn the open-chest cardiac massage and artificial lung ventilation, as well as a simple dressing procedure. Adults and children actively participated in the event. By the way, for the latter, we launched a special area where children could compete in the ring throwing, play skittles, – the regional coordinator for first aid and response to emergencies of the BRC Grodno OO Valery Krayevski said.

He also stressed that the Red Cross’ training specifically includes the unit which helps prevent tick bites.


Help to a dog breeder with removal of a tick

– We were told how to prevent sucking of an insect: when walking in the woods one should wear closed clothes, a hat, use tickicides upon return – carefully examine the skin, especially in the armpit, groin, at the fold places. If a tick has bitten – don’t panic – Valery said. – The tick must be extracted: grab the tick with your thumb and first finger and begin to twist slowly, holding the insect perpendicularly to the skin. The tick needs to be removed safely for its further examination in the Center of Hygiene and Epidemiology for tick-borne Lyme-borreliosis and encephalitis.


The Red Cross volunteers even brought live ticks in a jar, so that people could see how the threat looks like.

Also during the action workshops of dog handlers were held. Giving different commands to dogs, experts showed to park visitors how search of people is carried out in the forest.


The BRC terrain vehicle was presented to the participants.

Valery Krayevski said that the crew was able to draw attention of Grodno dwellers to the Red Cross Movement.

– During the campaign we have organized fund raising for equipment and functioning of the crew, and also recruited new volunteers.


A volunteer of the Red Cross teaches children to use a compass and map

This campaign was held for the first time. Later, however, such events will be held regularly.

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